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 The beginning of Spectro Magic
This is the first couple of minutes of Spectro Magic, the nightly parade at the Magic Kingdom. Out of all the Disney parks, this was my favorite night time event. Words just cannot describe the magic of this parade. The event is choreographed just beautifully. In the eleven days we were down in Florida, we saw this parade three times.

Length: 2:40
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 More from the Spectro Magic parade
This float appears after mickey, featuring Genie and Goofy. Genie has some crazy glowing blue eyes and Goofy enjoys a nice bout with his drums.

Length: 0:26
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 Wishes : The fireworks show
Hosted by Jiminy Cricket, this fireworks display revolves around the wishes of famed Disney characters, good and bad. Cinerella's Castle is illuminated with bright colours throughout the show. This is the most spectacular fireworks display I've ever seen. This is only a short clip of what Wishes has to offer.

Remember... dreams can come true :)

Length: 1:05
Size: 11.1 MB
Dimentions: 640 x 480
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